When I started working with Katy I was nearly 8kgs heavier, and knowing that I liked lifting weights, but with no idea how to get the best out of my workouts. Katy has been where I am now which is one of the reasons that I like working with her so much; and apart from … Continue reading Lisa Power

Lisa Power

I’m as Katy stated ‘ the business person ‘ she knows and I chose Katy for one very simple reason. She took and does take the time to understand your goals and you’re level of personal inputs to meet these goals. This changed not only my goals but each and every month we go through the … Continue reading Ben Uren

Ben Uren

My fitness journey with Katy began in late November 2015. It wasn’t the first attempt. My past was littered with failed attempts and unfinished “transformations”. I’d had a series of big ideas about getting in shape but my good intentions always paved a road to, well, not much. If I was ever going to make … Continue reading Verity Messett

Verity Messett

I started training with Katy because I hated the gym and had never managed to stick to anything exercise-related.  Almost 2 years later I am still training with her every week and feeling healthier at the age of 30 than I did when I was 20.   Katy takes time to work out where your … Continue reading Katarina


I started training with Katy when I found out I was pregnant. I was looking specifically for someone who would be able to create an appropriate programme for my changing body and abilities. Prior to my pregnancy, I was an active runner and hiker but had very little experience in the gym. Katy immediately understood … Continue reading Laura Sinclair

Laura Sinclair