Verity Messett

My fitness journey with Katy began in late November 2015. It wasn’t the first attempt. My past was littered with failed attempts and unfinished “transformations”. I’d had a series of big ideas about getting in shape but my good intentions always paved a road to, well, not much. If I was ever going to make it past a promising beginning, I was going to need an expert. Enter Katy.

Her first order of business was re-setting my wildly unrealistic expectations. (Me: “Wait, what? You’re saying I need to come here to the gym four times a week in order to see results? Are you sure??” ) Katy created a programme that’s varied, suitable for my goals, and that I’ve been able to stick to. Most importantly of all, she pushed me beyond what I wanted to do to what I needed to do, to see noticeable change. It’s even been fun, most of the time…
If you’re going to start hanging out in a sweaty gym for upwards of four hours a week, it really helps to have good company. And Katy is that in spades. Patient, firm, unpretentious, and hilarious, Katy keeps the positivity levels sky high during a session. Over a year later, I’ve seen fabulous results. Not just numbers on the scales, but thrilling, heart-leaping responses and compliments from people in my life from family and friends to fairly random work colleagues.
Most importantly of all, at last I feel confident that the changes I’ve made to my routine, to my life, as well as to my body, are permanent. No more perished dreams and deflated resolutions. That is due entirely to Katy; to her expertise, her experience, and her encouragement. Without her input there’s no doubt I’d have been back on the sofa in six weeks, and I’d still be wondering why it’s so impossible to get in shape. If any of what I’ve said sounds familiar, I can’t recommend getting in touch with Katy strongly enough.