Rock Climbing; Facing Fear and Feeling Fit.

This week I was invited to Seymour Leisure Centre in Marylebone to take part in their Rock Climbing class and I must admit I was a little apprehensive about taking on this challenge. I have tried Rock Climbing twice in my life. The first time was when I went on a school trip to Osmington … Continue reading Rock Climbing; Facing Fear and Feeling Fit.

Ella and Amy take on The Thames Path Challenge.

Sometimes clients come to you to reach one goal and end up totally surprising you with how far they push themselves; Amy and Ella have done just that. Tomorrow these two boss ladies are going to be taking part in The Thames Path Challenge and walking 100k. They will be walking all day and through … Continue reading Ella and Amy take on The Thames Path Challenge.

KatyLostWeighty Talks Depression, Anxiety and Magnesium

The link between Magnesium and your mental health is scientifically proven and yet I for one knew nothing about it until I suffered.  It makes me wonder how many of us are suffering from nutrient deficiencies of some kind that we aren’t even aware off. Why is depression on the rise?

Client Spotlight: Agent K

I want all of my clients to have the chance to shine because I am so proud of their achievements. However, sometimes you work with clients that are so important in their everyday life that their identity has to be shielded. Let me introduce to you, Agent K. I can't possibly tell you what Agent … Continue reading Client Spotlight: Agent K

Fitness Bullying: Is Your Gym Divided?

The other day I was working out at a gym I hadn't been to before on a guest pass. This gym is wicked. Top of the range equipment, cool vibe and promises to get you into shape in an environment you look forward to being in. So far so good. Towards the end of my … Continue reading Fitness Bullying: Is Your Gym Divided?