Ella and Amy take on The Thames Path Challenge.

Sometimes clients come to you to reach one goal and end up totally surprising you with how far they push themselves; Amy and Ella have done just that.97C1583C-8AE7-4117-8BFA-A5F055B06F85

Tomorrow these two boss ladies are going to be taking part in The Thames Path Challenge and walking 100k. They will be walking all day and through the night. They won’t give up regardless of the weather, their blisters, the pain or the tiredness. They won’t stop because these girls along with their friend Duncan are walking for Macmillan Cancer Support, a cause that is close to all of their hearts.

Anyone who has experienced cancer or supported a loved one through it will know how invaluable Macmillan are and how worthy this cause is. So far they have managed to raise a staggering £4,239 and there is still time to help them raise more. macmillan-logo

You can donate and learn more about this amazing team here. 

I am so proud of these ladies and while it has been my pleasure to help them where I can to become stronger for this challenge, the willpower, grit and determination to train for this has come entirely from them. There is no doubt in my mind that they will succeed and I can’t wait to see them do it!

Good luck Team Panda!