Client Spotlight: Agent K

I want all of my clients to have the chance to shine because I am so proud of their achievements. However, sometimes you work with clients that are so important in their everyday life that their identity has to be shielded. Let me introduce to you, Agent K. I can’t possibly tell you what Agent K does for a living, because she won’t tell me….in fact even when training her, I have never seen her face, as she wears a series of masks.

When she is not saving the world, she trains with me at Gymbox and has made some fantastic progress. Here is what she has to say…..img_3290

What made you start personal training?
I have always hated sport and exercise.  I used to chalk that up to youthful rebellion; my proudest moment was when a school PE teacher told all the mums and dads at parents’ evening that I was a bad egg who worked their children up into “fits of not trying”.   However, as I approached 30, my inability to carry my shopping home without getting winded was becoming an increasing source of shame.  I was flabby, stressed, ill most of the time and not sleeping very well.  Enter Katy…
How have you managed to have such a busy personal life and still have time to train?
This is why having a personal trainer is so important to me.  Katy always makes training fun so I look forward to it rather than dreading it.  She has also stopped me from feeling intimidated by the other (enormous, muscle-bound) people in the gym, or the (unnecessarily complicated) equipment.  Seeing the gym as a fun place to let off some steam keeps me coming back.  Also I think of Katy as a friend (who I pay to hang out with me…) so I don’t want to let her down by not making it to training.
What’s your biggest accomplishment with in the gym?
That I’m still going every week almost 2 years later!
img_3283What’s your favourite exercise?
I’m answering this question very carefully because I know this might be used against me at future training sessions… Probably squats because I am proud that I have finally learnt how to do them properly.
What’s your favourite healthy meal?
Shakshuka – baked eggs in spicy pepper and tomato sauce.
Would you go into space if you knew you could return and that there was civilised life out there? 
100%.  I don’t even need there to be civilised life (being able to come back would be good though).
Are you a spy?
I’ll never tell…img_3286