Client Spotlight: Siobhan ‘the quad god’ Sleet!

My clients inspire me everyday with their determination, perseverance and ability to multi-task their busy work and home life with training. Siobhan has been working with me for over a year now and she continues to impress me with her attitude and consistency and I am very proud of her. Here is what she has to say about training, nutrition and reaching goals.img_2567-1
Why did you decide to start training?
I decided to start personal training because I wanted to improve my fitness and generally lose weight, feel more confident with my body and feel good about myself. It wasn’t just about my looks though, I wanted to be more healthy and also invest in myself and feel mentally more healthy too – which I find training also helps you to do. I generally struggled with making the time as I’d always put other things first and I really like the commitment to having a trainer that makes it harder to make excuses not to take time for yourself!
What is your favourite exercise and why?
There are quite a few but I’m mostly enjoying the exercises where I can see an improvement over time. Some of them I hated to begin with but then noticed strength increasing and started to feel good. So I like pull ups (because I can see I can/will get to the point where I can lift myself), Deadlifts because I can see progress (and almost lifting my body weight!) and leg press because I just like the power I now have in my legs. Also being able to push a heavy weight off you with your legs is useful, right?!!
Have you faced any difficulties in your journey so far? How did you handle them? 
I have, and still am, struggling with a balanced diet and commitment over time to this. Particularly with a hectic job and lots of things to juggle. I also don’t like cooking for one. This has been an area where Katy has been really patient (!) and also helpful. Sharing tips and meal plans etc which are genuinely good foods and nice to have. It’s just my own personal battle with making that much time for things and making good choices when hungry.
What’s your favourite healthy meal? 
Probably the healthy fajita recipe Katy gave me. I like that it’s a nice meal that’s got img_2565flavour. Also you can cook and have it for lunch the next day too which helps!
What are you the most proud of achieving so far in your fitness journey? (There are a lot to pick from)
To be honest I’m most proud of the fact that I’m still doing it! It’s been just about a year and I’ve not given up, can see progress, and have fun training. I genuinely miss it when I’m not doing it. In the past I have given up or made excuses and not made myself a priority. I think having someone that I enjoy training with has really helped because it’s also a bit of reverse psychology that I don’t want to let Katy down either.
I’ve also really enjoyed seeing improvements in my day-to-day. The small stuff like running for a bus and getting on without  huffing and puffing, or lifting up the big water cooler bottles at work and find it easy to change them. I also tried new exercises like climbing walls etc and found that my strength was much better than it had been and also compared to others in the class. It’s really nice to see that you are getting somewhere!