Verity – Client Spotlight

My client Verity is one of the most dedicated women I know. She has a determination about her that is inspiring and attacks every challenge I give her with an infectious sense of fun. Her transformation so far has been remarkable. I asked Verity a few questions, to help inspire those of you that have yet to start on your own journey.verity

 What inspired you to start your weight loss journey?
I turned 30 and thought “oh shit: this was the best this was ever going to look”. Better call for reinforcements!
How has your approach to nutrition changed?
Tracking what I eat has made me more honest with myself about what I eat. And therefore much more controlled.
What did you struggle with whilst losing weight?
Impatience. Waiting for it to happen. But I didn’t give into frustration, I just kept calm and listened to Katy Moran. (note- Verity was not paid to say that lol)
Top tip for any women yet to begin their journey?
Do it. The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single squat.