Fitness Apathy: Life really does get in the way.

So often my clients tell me that they can’t find time for the gym outside of our sessions or that they are so tired from day to day stresses that getting into the gym just isn’t a priority.

My fitness journey has been such a whirlwind that I never really grasped before how someone could want to work out and eat well but chose not to.  I went from 0-60mph. I did nothing and then I worked out every day. I changed my career and then suddenly every aspect of my life was to do with health and fitness.

However, these past few months I have become very empathetic towards this issue and I thought I would share my take on it with you….

Have you ever felt like you have so much to do, that you end up doing nothing? That you have so many thoughts, emotions and stresses going on in your mind that the easiest thing to do is ignore them and have a glass of wine, or watch TV, or go to bed?

2016-04-20 13.55.45 (1)

Well I have and for the past few months I did. For me the reason I became apathetic was that people kept on offering judgement on various aspects of my life; my character, my body, what my body could do, what I ate etc. When so many people from different areas of your life seem to want to cast judgement on you, it is very easy to believe them. It is easy to pass over the reins of your life to fate and in some ways give up on the person you think you can be and become the person that some people think you are.

Stopping believing in myself wasn’t an overnight thing. It took time. The amount of effort I put into my training slowed down, I would start having more cheat days and making excuses in my mind as to why I couldn’t take care of myself that day became common place. I wanted to keep on improving myself but my mind wouldn’t let me. I felt stuck in a rut and I would fix it for a day and then something would happen to make me clutch to bad habits again.

Health and fitness apathy is a real thing and it doesn’t just affect people who have never been healthy. It hit me just as I was starting to do well in my chosen sport. This is the story of what caused me to become apathetic but so many things can; stress, work, family life, lack of support, depression, body-image issues, low self-esteem…the list is endless.

So we know it can happen, how do we fix it?

I almost feel like the fitness industry has become a bit of a cult. You have to always be getting better and never admit that actually sometimes life gets in the way of making progress.

So that is Step 1:

Remove yourself from the ‘cult’. You are getting healthier for you. If you are doing it for anyone else, reassess your motivation. Stop looking at that girl on Instagram who is posting a picture of her arse or that man who is posing with his guns out. Seek out those who offer advice on how to get better and not those who want you to see how much better they are getting.2016-04-20 13.56.37 (1)

And so we have Step 2:

Always remember, ‘People want you to be good, but never better than them’. Ok, quite a general statement and it certainly doesn’t apply to everyone, but keep it in mind and knowing that, stop paying attention to anyone else’s fitness journey. I can’t reiterate this enough… it is your health and it is your body. Comparing yourself to someone else will never better you. So stop it.

That brings me to the most important step of all to cure fitness apathy.

Step 3:

Accept responsibility and recommit.

At the end of the day, we are responsible for our actions and our emotions. We control what we do and how we feel. No one can make us do anything or feel anything that we don’t allow them to. So, ultimately even though there are people that can try and make us feel worse about ourselves, or stresses that can help make us want to curl up into a ball, we need to be aware that we are responsible for how we respond to those events in our life.2016-04-20 13.59.40

If you are feeling apathetic about fitness and are unhappy about it, I have a challenge for you. This week I want you to recommit to putting yourself first. I want you to do one thing every day for week that benefits your health and gets you back on track to reaching your goals. It could be drinking more water, having a healthy breakfast every day, or finding half an hour to train. Do it every day for 1 week and then next week do two things everyday that will improve your health. Keep on making these small adjustments until you are back on track.

But for today, just do one thing.

We know what it takes to be who we want to be, I am not going to quit. Are you?

Speak soon,


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