When Being Bad is Good- By Katy Moran


Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, I want to introduce you to a new concept. It is very avant garde, so bear with me, because I am about to change your life.

You know how in school and in work and in life in general, people try and encourage you to be good at things? They try and pretend like being the best at something is what life is all about and when you are the best, that is when everything makes sense; the rainbows appear, the birds start to sing, people high five you as you walk down the street?? Well, I think….and keep it to yourself if you disagree…but I think, that that is total crap!

Working hard and getting better at a skill is satisfying, it is rewarding and so worthwhile BUT, once you know that you are badgood at something, you will never think you are the best at it again. You know you have the capacity to get better and you start chasing a state of perfection that becomes a shiner shade of perfect the better you get at whatever it is your doing. You can’t win. Being bad at or new to something is, in my opinion the best part of any journey! You’re care free! You can make mistakes and say, ‘yeah, i’m shit’ and then you can move on and you can get better. There is nothing as fun as being the worst at something.

When I started weightlifting I was horrendous and looking back I realise that I didn’t let myself enjoy those moments of abject shiteness. I was always looking to the future, when I hoped I would be good and didn’t get to realise how much fun learning about and being new to something was.

Recently I missed that feeling and so I started Brazillian Jiu Jitzu to remind myself just how bad at something I can be and I found that happiness again.

So listen, if you are sitting reading this, thinking that you will never be good at something because of how long the journey will be for you. Please remember, that being bad is a very fun step of the journey and luckily we all get to start there when we begin something new; hard work not needed, just a little bit of courage. The moral is don’t be afraid to start a new exercise or sport….you will never be this bad again and one day when you are competing or teaching your friends all that know, you will miss the feeling…trust me on that!