Scary and Intimidating: The Weight-Room.

weight lifting

Women give birth, we get bikini waxes, we get our eyebrows tweezed and we literally survive bleeding for a week solid every month!! We put up with so much pain and suffering in our feminine lives and we do it all without batting an eyelid!

And yet….

You put women in a sweaty room filled with men and heavy weights and suddenly women get scared. They become shadows of themselves, almost reverting back to being in the playground; school girls scared the boys are going to kick a football at their head!

And believe me I understand!!

When I first started weight training, I near shat myself at the thought of doing anything in the weight-room. My first time using an olympic bar I stood at the side of the room for 5 minutes, looking like some sort of hungover Gandalf…until I worked up the courage to clumsily set up a deadlift  (of which I did one rep and packed it all away again).

But girls are strong and lifting weights is a lot of fun, so let me take a minute to dispel your fears….

Everyone is going to think that I am doing it wrong…

lifting wrong

A fairly wise person once said to me that the majority of people in the weight-room haven’t got a clue what they are doing, they just act as if they do. The more experienced I became with lifting weights, the more I realised there was never a truer word spoken.

There are two kinds of people that you will find in the weight-room:

  1. Those who know what they are doing and appreciate how hard it is to make a positive change in your life and will either leave you be or help you.
  2. Twats

Ignore the latter, make friends with the former. Sorted.

I am in the way…

bicep squat

I will keep this short and sweet, you pay a lot of money for your gym membership. When you are in your gym, you are never in the way!! Unless you are curling in the squat rack….then god rest your soul.

Everyone is looking at me…


With a weight in their hand most people only want to look at themselves. No-one is looking at you, but if they are, smile and lift because gurl…you look good!!

I know it is scary, but you know the benefits of weight lifting (and if you don’t know a blog post will be up shortly to tell you).

Starting weightlifting was the best decision I ever made!! So please don’t be intimidated by the weight room, it is where I found strength and confidence. Without weightlifting as part of my exercise regime I can honestly say that I know I would still be fat.

So next you are in the gym, make sure you have downloaded some Chaka Khan, put your headphones in, your shoulders back and walk into that weight room proudly! Because you are every women, it is all in you and you’ll do it naturally…oh oh OHHH.