UFPH: a pursuit for those who have lost or want to lose weight.

Fat picture hunt

I have many hobbies, but there is one I rarely tell people about and it has only become enjoyable since losing weight. It’s not swimming, running, hopping or skipping but my god it is exhilarating and requires a lot of skill, time and effort.

Ladies and Gentlemen, let me introduce you to the art of…

Untagged Fat Picture Hunting!!!

When I was fat, I was crafty. I not only knew how to hide my stomach from view of the camera, position my chin so I looked like I had a jaw and know how to dress in black to slim the silhouette. I also knew that when the art of camera foolery failed, I could untag a fat picture of myself in under a minute. At the time I revelled in my success of keeping my Facebook feed clear of unflattering pictures, if I only knew then what a mistake it was.


If you ever want to lose weight, whether you think about it from time to time or you are actively pursuing a weight loss goal. I urge you to take pictures. Pictures that show you just how you look now, with as few layers as possible, in all of your glory. They may look terrible to you and make you feel bad, but let me tell you, one day they are going to be your favourite pictures. You are going to look at them before you work-out to motivate yourself. You are going to use them as before pictures to show people how hard you worked. You might even print them on a friggin t-shirt. Trust me, when the hard work is done and the fat is gone, you are going to want to have proof it was ever there.

Learn from my mistake, don’t untag all of the pictures where you looked bad, because when you lose the weight you, like me, are going to have to start trawling through old photos on the profiles of people you haven’t spoken to in years (hi guys by the way, send me any fat pictures you have of me please) and it is time consuming.

But thankfully, there is no feeling quite like hunting down a good one, grabbing your snap-back, popping Lil Wayne and Busta Rhymes on Spotify and rapping ‘Look at me now’ as you admire your quads in the mirror…..not that I have ever done that. Really, I haven’t. I do it all the time.