4 stone lighter.
6 month Transformation

My name is Katy and I used to be overweight. 4 stone (56 pounds or 25kg) overweight to be precise. I spent my early years wishing I was smaller. I wanted to look better in that dress, have a waist that was visible without wearing spanx and feel confident in what I looked like.

I really, really cared about my weight. It was all I thought about in social situations. It was the reason why (in my head) things never seemed to go my way. What annoyed me the most during these years is that people took my failure to lose weight as a sign I couldn’t give a shit. In truth my inaction was down to a crippling anxiety of what people would have thought about the fat girl exercising and a lack of knowledge about how to effectively change my body and mind for good.

Then one sunny day, July 8th I think it was, my life changed forever. I took action. I put on my sports bra (well two actually because my boobs were also fat), the ‘blinkers’ to block out everyone around me and hired a PT to teach me what the hell you were meant to do in a gym that wasn’t spending 20 soul destroying minutes on a crosstrainer.

I remember picking up my first weight like it was yesterday. I finally knew what ‘the pump’ meant and I liked it. Then I learned what ‘the grind’ was and I did it. The fat melted away, I grew stronger and I knew that helping people change their lives for the better was exactly what I wanted to do with my time.

These days what my body looks like comes second to what my body can do. I believe that fitness should be fun, you should enjoy it and know that no matter how fit you are now, the power to get fitter is in your hands.

Since losing my weight I have started training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and it has become a big part of my life. I have already won competitions and I genuinely love the sport. Training jiu-jitsu is a constant reminder to me that if you want something badly enough, you can get it. Not two years ago the idea that I could one day become an athlete and a fighter was one I wouldn’t have entertained and now it is my reality, that I work hard for everyday. Please don’t let your dreams of fitness, success and achievement stay in your head. Start working today to make them a reality.image

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I started training with Katy when I found out I was pregnant. I was looking specifically for someone who would be able to create an appropriate programme for my changing body and abilities. Prior to my pregnancy, I was an active runner and hiker but had very little experience in the gym.
Katy immediately understood my training goals and created a plan to focus on exercises that would help keep me strong during my pregnancy as well as aid in recovery. She has an amazing attention to detail and spent as much time as was necessary in ensuring I was doing every move correctly to avoid injury and get the most out of my training.
She was also very proactive as the weeks went on in adjusting the exercises – I had total confidence in Katy’s knowledge on prenatal training throughout my pregnancy. I looked forward to (almost) every session!
I now have a healthy, happy baby boy I’m focusing on, but working with Katy helped me gain an appreciation and confidence in the gym I will carry on into the future when I return to exercise.

Laura Sinclair

I’m as Katy stated ‘ the business person ‘ she knows and I chose Katy for one very simple reason. She took and does take the time to understand your goals and you’re level of personal inputs to meet these goals.

This changed not only my goals but each and every month we go through the program that’s been set and change it , therefore it doesn’t become boring.

Katy has changed not only the way I work out in the gym but my overall approach. Specifically form of the exercise and if weights ensure the full rep counts are completed. I have to say Katy is not only motivational but I genuine feel she wants to see you achieve your goals as much as you do.

I have not only lost weight but physically and mentally changed by feeling more confident and nothing is now not achievable


Ben Uren

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